Letture di Poesie:Only with a Smile?

Only with a Smile?


And man will be good—

Yes, he will do good things

As if the skies were always blue

And as if “profit” were not the only measure of things.

Yes, we shall build together — WE —

And then I shall be you

And you will be me And we shall share our things together

Half for you &

Half for me.

The poor will be rich &

The rich will be poor

They will divest themselves

Of everything they have

Thanking the poor for taking what they have,

With a smile

Only with a smile?

And the governors will come down amongst us to say:

“The laws up there are only halters

Around the necks of the workers

If we all come down

The chain of laws will break

Into a thousand little pieces

And the workers will be free”

And the law of the owners will never exist again

And they will turn their pockets inside out

Not hiding anything

And they will point at one another and say:

“We have stolen the land and its produce.

Now we shall give it all back

Burning all the papers of ownership

And every instrument of possession.

Let the fields from now on

Be open to everyone

And the walls crumble

All over the land and in our minds.

In the cities, the builders of cement

(Columns of power)

Will bash in and bust up their cement mixers

Will wash their dirty hands

Of the Red Blood of White Deaths

Then in columns or alone

They will fan out and return

To the countryside

To the beaches and to the hills with a smile

Only with a smile?

And he who raises up systems and pyramids

Will return to the base

To the provinces

To the outskirts

The demi-god will lose himself

Amongst the people

Joining the “we”

Becoming smaller, always smaller

Eating less

Always less

With a smile

Only with a smile?

And a herald will call up rows of trumpeters

To make the good news reverberate

Throughout the land

On trumpets of gold

And the news will echo everywhere in everyone’s ears

And men will believe

The capitalist is a good man, too,

That the banker doesn’t suck blood

That the bourgeosie does not hate

But loves the worker

And all wrongs

Will be made right

And all the systems of the world

Will wither away

And the establishments will all dissolve into the blue

And you and I, the “we,” will believe

That this all will happen with a smile

Only with a smile?

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