Letture di Poesie:Rats Rats Rats

Rats Rats Rats

Neuroses, worms that eat the individual Right down to the bone.

Neuroses, elbows that touch elbows

Feet crowding feet

Sardine-stacked cities — the breathing of many

Carbon dioxide asphalt.

The other day — sandy beaches and the sea —

A lonely footprint or two Only the other day.

Cages — the multiplication of buildings It costs less to crowd houses on top of houses Houses crammed in alongside of houses Wall upon wall

It costs less to breathe the same stale air To use the same space.

Rats rats rats — society — thoughts that are all the same Radio television cinema newspapers Thoughts that are always the same.

I am not sick.

You are sick. No, not he, but you.

Who is sick?

You. No, you!


Space is sick.

1 keep these rats in cages And they have multiplied First they were happy and fat Now they are many and MAD!

I am sorry, I have no time.

Where is time?

Between working in a factory and going and coming I have no time to think.

I am tired — I get home and fling myself into bed To look at television.


I am sorry, I have no time I do not want them to take my house away Sol vote to the right to the right I sell my vote — like shit! —

I never read the newspapers — they cost too much

I accept whatever the priest tells me.

I accept — I accept — I accept everything.

Here is the problem: To accept or not to accept?

                              To believe or not to believe?

Space or no space? Rat-rats-rats — movement Raaatsss!

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